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Salute to the enduring spirit of the children of the slaves…

A lot of the men and women that had to endure this are still alive. Don’t let white people act like this is the distant past. It’s not.


This is my history.

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I made a video about Lady GaGa and her cultural appropriation of the burqa. If you understand cultural appropriation then just skip to about 2:00.

I’m not gonna pretend that I’m the most educated person on social issues, and I am happy for people to correct me and disagree etc.

But yeah if you feel like watching a video of me ~~~~~trying~~~~~ to be intelligent HERE YOU GO.

This is the most awkward fucking video I have seen in my life.
Like yoooooooooooo, you think you got the charisma for a vlog bb?
Coz  I don’t fucking think so.

I ignored you. Then you reblogged my post twice. Then you sent me an ask and I ignored that as well. Now you’re reblogging other posts.

I criticised a pop singer. Not you. And now you’re insulting me? Okay great.


Racism is not in your intent. Your intent is immaterial in how racist your actions are. This isn’t about you BEING a racist. It’s about you DOING A THING that is racist. Your intent doesn’t change it. Your ignorance of its meaning doesn’t change it. It’s got nothing to do with you as a person and everything to do with the meaning of your action in the context of sociocultural history.
moniquill (on red face & cultural appropriation)

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When women scream you wonder what’s wrong with them. When men yell you get afraid about what they’re going to do.
A girl in my creative writing class said this in response to a story we read about witnessing intimate partner violence and it really fucked with my head because I’ve never, ever, ever, thought of it that way. (via evelarysa)

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White people love to claim that PoC are “defensive” and “sensitive” but they’re the ones who automatically think every tweet/post/article about race or racism is talking about them personally. You don’t even have to say “white people” and they’ll think you’re talking about them.

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» The Green Benches: The Cost of Cameron: 100 Worst Failures of David Cameron's Government from May 2010 to Dec 2013


A simple list of facts that highlight just how bad the Conservative party is for this country.

Some highlights (yes, the actual list is longer):

  • 1.7 million more people at risk of poverty or social exclusion
  • Child poverty up 13% (previous government cut it by 50%)
  • Tax evasion & avoidance up 13%, 165 tax collectors cut from budget
  • Failing government welfare schemes, all of which were judged as useless by independent parties before they were implemented
  • Bedroom tax hitting 660k people, 63% of which are disabled
  • Forcing disabled support organisations to close branches, while forcing over 250k disabled to work unpaid
  • Child funding (SureStart) down 20%, childcare costs up 30%
  • GDP growth 5th worst in EU
  • Household debt growing even faster than under Labour
  • 430k businesses & individuals declared bankrupt/insolvent
  • Unpaid workers up 26%
  • Long term female unemployment up 80%
  • In real terms, wages have dropped by £1600 - while banker’s bonuses have risen by 64%
  • Food & Water charges up 19-20%
  • Stamp prices up over 50%
  • Up to 20 medical treatments no longer free on NHS
  • GP funding cut by £943m, GPs per 10k people down 4.3%
  • 1400+ mental health beds cut, suicide up 8% in a year
  • £1 billion wasted on reforms that lead to over 3,500 staff being made redundant, only to be rehired later
  • Social housing waiting lists at record highs, 1 million in-work families cannot afford private rent (up £1k/year)
  • Homelessness up 26%
  • Tuition fees up £9k
  • £1 billion wasted on private schools, funding taken from state schools
  • Student benefits (EMA) cut entirely, despite evidence it was beneficial. Dropout rate has climbed since.
  • 60k NHS staff cut, 34k police cut, 600k public sector employees cut
  • 10 prisons closed, 4 changed to for-profit model
  • 179 libraries closed
  • Royal Mail privatised at 60% of it’s value, despite making profit
  • UK Statistics Authority repeatedly scolding Tory MPs over twisting or lying about statistics

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Jessica Williams talks to John Tamny, columnist for Forbes

John Tamny, professional asshole

Daily wish to the universe that this woman be given her own show like she deserves to have.

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University of Utah research backs up the argument that bisexuality is Not just a phase: Though 62% of gay men once identified as bisexual, nearly as many bisexual men — 56% — had once said they were gay, professor Lisa Diamond found. More women switched From calling themselves lesbian to calling themselves bisexual than vice versa.

Emily Alpert, “Why bisexuals stay in the closet

Remind me to slap biphobes with this statistic any time they utter the words “you’re just on a stepping stone” or any iteration thereof. (via bemusedlybespectacled)


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(I realize that not everyone is the leader of a country but everyone can certainly take this man as an example.)


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as much as i love bey and think “drunk in love” is a bop, i hate hate HATE the “eat the cake, anna mae” line. and the fact that she sang it herself at the grammys is kinda upsetting tbh. 

Yeah 😔

here’s a link if you don’t understand

I really hope that we’re not considering her exempt from criticism because this shit is straight up unacceptable

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Some white lady on Hoarders said her life basically collapsed when the Indian Government wouldn’t let her adopt a little Indian girl and I got to thinking…

Whenever I’d hear white people talk about adopting brown children, it always sounded like a fetish.

Especially Ethiopian children.  There are soooo many blogs circulating about that.  What gets me are the entries where they talk about doing that child’s hair, even sometimes doing the same hairstyle to one of their biological children to make it look ‘cohesive’.

Nail on the headdddddddddddd

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I always love re-blogging Laverne Cox. Not only because of her eloquence, intelligence, kindness, and beauty, but also because her voice might be one of the most important in the fight against hatred in the U.S.A. today. What she has to say is crucial to the growth, peace, prosperity, and freedom of all of us. If you have the time, please watch this video. 

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White Gays ❤️❤️

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Wealth is not the inevitable result of hard work, and anyone who claims so has made a stupid claim. Wealth results from the trading of products or services that other people value and demand. Wealth also results from the accumulation of these profits, and from having sufficient material resources to satisfy one’s own demands. Wealth is not inevitable. Nothing is inevitable.


Wealth is not the inevitable result of hard work, and anyone who claims so has made a stupid claim. Wealth results from the trading of products or services that other people value and demand. Wealth also results from the accumulation of these profits, and from having sufficient material resources to satisfy one’s own demands. Wealth is not inevitableNothing is inevitable.

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The Daily Show: The R Word (x)
Jessica Williams and Samantha Bee convene two panels to discuss the state of race relations in America.

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